by newintstudents

As part of our Health and Human development series.

How healthy is it for you?

Subway is a fast food chain from America. It is not as bad as the other restaurants with their 6 inch subs claiming to be about 1230Kj.

They sell footlong and six inch subs. You can choose your bread, veg and sauces.Or you can go without sauces like I did.

I had the egg and cheese six inch. I have had this before but the one I had at Melbourne central was awful. The eggs were of the plasticky sort and it looked like it had been there for days.

But we’re here to talk about how healthy Subway can be. (or unhealthy as we might think). You can choose as much vegetables as you want with this. Hence the roll could be healthy for you.

Most of them if not all of them are under $7. Add another $3-$5 to upgrade the meal and depending on what you choose it could be very unhealthy for you.

If you have to buy fast food in the city get Subway’s veggie delight as it just has vegetables and not much else. And it is the lowest in kilojoules.

All in all healthy food at a reasonable price.