Iranian students still struggle to pay the fee

by newintstudents

Image courtesy of Iran Collection

For months and months now Iranian students struggle to pay their uni fees. In Iran and Syria there have been some sanctions placed on Iranian banks and embargoes meaning that lots of money can’t be transferred to Australia for study. The Iranian government said that only 25000 rials (Iranian currency) can be taken out of the country.

Many Iranian students use money exchanges. One of the most common ones is Sarafi. The exchange rates over there has been increasing in price hence there isn’t a lot of value. As a result they have troubles paying for the most basic things in Australia. The students are calling for local HECS fees among other things like more part time jobs.

But what is RMIT University doing about this?
Nothing. They refused to assist the Iranian students on this. Student Union says that it sees many Iranian students worry about paying the fees. It also calls this action discriminatory and supports the Iranian’s request to pay local fees or at least have it deferred just like local students. It also calls for a means testing to determine who can pay the fees and who can’t.

RMIT also refuse to admit any Iranian students on the basis of that they can’t pay their fees. Iranian student want in but they would like to pay the domestic fees of $2000-$3000 per semester. According to the Herald Sun there has been an outcry over this decision with a lot of students labeling it as “discriminatory”. Whilst RMIT Student Union sees it as discriminatory they also see that RMIT might have the notion of making sure that students can pay their fees on time. It sees that RMIT has a duty of care to all students.

The RMIT Newintstudents team are also concerned for this group as this group of students don’t get to enjoy as much of Melbourne as there really is. In the upcoming months we’ll try and do some cheap and quirky things like eating in Richmond. But there isn’t a lot of eats which are under $5. Most of them are under $20.

We would also push for concession cards for International students as it would relieve the Iranian students of some of the burden of the costs.