Plush fish by Katherine

by newintstudents

As part of our Health and Human development series

Plush fish is a place in University of Melbourne’s Union house. back in my early uni days I used to visit this place quite often for its sushi

Run by the Japanese this place is frequented a lot by Uni students for its low prices and big sushi.

It is a tiny little kitchy Japanese cafe next to the Student Union.

At 10am when I arrived it was quiet. But when I left they started to pick up. There is hardly table service here. You pick up your coffee and your dishes. They do eat in and takeaway. I think they also do deals for UMSU members.

They are environmentally friendly. Unlike Momo for eat in they have eat cutlery and crockery.

Here I had the tofu sushi ($2.30), the vegetarian one ($2.30), the plain inari which was nicely flavoured with pickles ($1.80) and a big long black ($3). It came with homemade wasabi and lots and lots of ginger. You can also ask for fish soy sauce but that is $0.10 extra. Or you can just serve yourself.

The sushis here were really good. But the rice in itself was a tad bit lukewarm. What was even better was the inari. I loved how it was really pickled. The flavours wowed me. I’d get this again.

The long black was only just so so.

I’d come back only for the sushis and the inaris. I’d love to try some of their onigiri if they have. I remembered the last time that I went there they had these.

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