Taco Truck by Katherine

by newintstudents

The Taco Truck was here at RMIT’s exchange fair. They don;t normally pop up on campus, but instead they usually hang out at Brunswick Carlton and Collingwood. You can find them at http://wherethetruck.at/

I talked to the lady that worked there and she said that they usually reside in Brunswick but they visit other areas depending on the day.

Here like any other taco places they sell theirs for $6. They had three types of tacos on offer; a beef, a fish and a vegetarian one. For those that are really hungry for two tacos and chips; they have a taco plate for $12. Add a drink ($4) and its $16.

Today was rather cloudy. Hence when I got there at 12pm there wasn’t many people in the queue. They were all queuing at the free barbeques.

I got the taco plate and a mandarin Jarrito. I would have loved them to sell Mexican beer but since RMIT doesn’t allow a lot of drinking they couldn’t do it.

I loved the Jarrito. Jarrito is a Mexican soft drink- like the Aussie ones except with more flavour. I’ve had this on several occassions.

Whilst walking back to the lab a guy admired my tacos and how great they looked.

The tacos don’t have sauce in them so if you want some chilli sauce you can add it yourself.

I loved the corn chips. These were way better and much more flavoursome than the ones at Orientation.

I couldn’t really say the same for the tacos though. They were a bit soggy and were really hard to eat with my hands. I had to scoop out all the filling. Some of the filling fell on the floor. I did however loved the filling and the fact that they put lime juice in there.

I can’t wait til they come back again. Many thanks to RMIT for organising this. What would be even better is that they come late afternoon and there’s alcohol in the one spot. RUSU seems to organise this well.

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