Zest wraps by Katherine

by newintstudents

As part of our Health and Human development series

Zesty wraps has been around for years. I remembered coming here my early days where an older Australian ran the place. But now it has been taken over by the Chinese.

Here they sell a range of healthy wraps and coffees. They also do pots of tea for $6.

They also have deals as well. With any breakfast wrap you can get the coffee, tea or juice for free and all of the wraps are $5.95.
After 1:30pm you can get the coffee for $1 with any wrap purchased.

As this is in a food court there is no seating available.

You can make them however you want. I had the scrambled eggs without the bacon. There wasn’t a whole lot of spinach in this as I’d expected. It’s great that there wasn’t a lot of sauce for this as they were trying to make it healthy as possible.

I loved the tortillas. I think they made it themselves as it was soft.

The coffee was just meh, but I can’t complain as it was for free. My guess is that they used the Map Organic coffee.

I’d love to come back only to try their lunchtime wraps and Mexican food as they looked yum and I suggest students to come here for the wraps and brekky deals.

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