Information session at Navitas

by newintstudents

Navitas is a career internship company. They have four offices in Australia and they assist International students as well as local students by running workshops, courses and checking resumes and cover letters for part time jobs as well as Internships.

They also have courses from $3800 and it is a six month program. This program is designed for students who have just graduated and are looking for work.

Today’s session (18/4/2013) was at 2:30pm and it went for about one and a half hours. It was at their offices at 206 Bourke st.Here it covered things like resumes, international students issue when looking for work and job interviews.

The first thing that was covered was International student issues when looking for work.
The most common things are
* Lack of understanding about the Australian workplace culture and soft skills. Soft skills such as phone technique, International students does not understand this. You need to be professional on the phone.
Also in some countries people don’t talk to their boss where as in Australia we do.
* Differences in culture
* Not everybody wants to hire international students. Some of the big companies have their policy of hiring only “Australian/PR citzens”. But Navitas has 500 companies all supporting International and local students. They assist students who do Accounting, IT, HR and Engineering courses
 * Lack of Australian work experience in the chosen field of study

The second thing was how to find a job
*How do I know if the job is too low or too high for me? Don’t aim for too high or low. International students might oversell themselves. Get some advice from your careers department at uni. Advanced positions such as Managerial roles need at least five years experience in that field.

*Networking is really important because some of the jobs are hidden. It can be formal or informal.
Jobs are also advertised on and

The third thing we talked about was the resume and cover letter
The aim of this step is to sell yourself into an interview. The job industry has at least 300-400 other individuals all competing for the same job. Employers only have about a minute to read your resume. One hint is to do fewer applications but spend a bit more time with the details and getting it right. Five applications a day is too many and people are prone to make mistakes.

* It should be two-three pages long
* Personal details need to be correct. Also email addresses need to be professional looking. Gmail is good for that sort of thing.
* If you have an English name it is best to use it. Don’t put your middle name in there- you don’t want employers to know that you are an International student.
* If you want to have a summary in there keep it to two to three lines and short and sweet. It should be straight to the point.
* Experience and Education should be at the top for a resume for a graduate/part time job
* You should have some hobbies in there just to say that you are a team player and a fun person. Also the relevant memberships need to be in there as well because it shows that you can work as part of a team.
 * Don’t sell yourself short- recognize the skills that you have.
Internships are one way to get a reference. They also assist you in developing business and communication skills. They can tell you what to expect for your industry.

For a business it is easier for them to employ someone they know.

For IELTS test try and get at least a band of 7 as you will need this eventually. Sometimes students live with people from their own country and they usually speak their own language. Hence their English is quite bad. A hint for these students is to have a house rule where everyone speaks English at a certain time of the day and how many hours.

The fourth thing and last thing was the interview.
Before the interview do your research on the company because the employer will ask why you want to work for them.
 One question that employers love to ask is “Where do you see yourself in five years?”
At the end of the interview they would love to give you any chance to ask questions so you should have some ready. One question could be, “What do you like about working here?”
At the end of the seminar there was a prize draw of two water bottles and a movie ticket.

My advice to students is: get a part time job because it shows that you have time management skills when you apply for full time jobs.All in all thanks Navitas for running this event for us and hope to see you soon