Regional Living Expo

by newintstudents

The Regional Living Expo happens each year. The main aim of the expo is to attract people to live in regional areas. Or even just to visit some of Victoria’s lovely living areas for the day such as Ballarat and Daylesford.

Also International students are you thinking about getting one of the graduate visas and are you finding it hard to get jobs here? Then now is your time to think about the move to Regional Victoria. The DIAC stall was there today to answer all of your questions

I was invited to attend by

It is free for everyone to attend. It goes for three days (19th-21st of April) and is at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. You can park there but I heard that it was expensive to park there. There are trams that go past there (route 96 from Bourke st and routes 109/112 from Collins st)

Here there were many stalls all exhibiting their regions. I got to take some pictures and taste some samples from the Coles stall.

There was a Devondale stall. Devondale is a milk company and has been around for years. Here they use full cream milk and today they gave out free milk samples.

There was also a KR Castlemaine stall. KR is a ham company and they employ both International and Local students.

There were free activities for the kids. One of them was the Paper tree and the other was the ball games at the Sports stalls.

But the one that I thought that was the most beneficial was the careers session. Regional Victoria has lost quite a lot of young people to Melbourne but they do tend to come back. Here they emphasised on points that were mentioned by Navitas as to what the employers are looking for in people. The jobs in demand are bar staff, wait staff, baristas and chefs. About 40% of the jobs are not advertised.

In the last five years there was 50000 jobs in regional Victoria. But they were mostly manual jobs such as labourers

The top ten tips to a successful career change are:
1) Plan ahead- it is much more successful that way
2) Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice and financial advice
3) Values= flexibility. Flexibility and self confidence leads to a successful change in career.
4) You need to have some goals for life and work. You need to ask yourself this question: “Will the move help fullfill my work and life goals?” Are you willing to change your lifestyle?
5)Strengths- what are my transferable skills?
6) You need to have a financial future and understand the costs of moving
7) Like Navitas said Networking is a useful way for looking for jobs and making new friends up there
8) You need to have some sort of resume ready as jobs come and go very quickly. Know who you are applying for.
9) Learning- are you prepared to learn? Are you prepared to spend money at Uni again?
10) Relationships- like back home in your country make sure that your relationships are strong. Especially with family and friends

Make sure that you take care of yourself
Many thanks to the guys from Good Move for inviting me and I hope to see you again next year.