Food labels and the importance of that

by newintstudents

Reading food labels are an important part of shopping for food as the Better health living channel explains:

An example of a food label. Image courtesy of Google Images

“Food labels carry useful information to help you make choices about food. The food label will tell you if the food contains an additive that you may want to avoid. The nutrition information panel helps you to compare the nutrient profile of similar products and choose the one that suits your needs”.

Reading the labels on the packaged food is important because that tells you how much sugar and salt is in the food. It also tells you how much fat and calories are in a serve of that particular piece. If the packaging says 98% fat free that means that there is 2% of fat in there. It also might mean that the food is higher in sugar or lighter in taste.

Also know the difference between use by and best by dates. Use by means you have to use it by a certain date or otherwise they will go off.

Best before means you can use it a few days after that date and it won’t go off. But its best to use it by that date.

Most packaged foods have the ingredients list as well on the package. So if you are allergic to something it is best to read the ingredients list before buying the product or otherwise it would be a waste of money.