Breadtop and Spanish Churros

by newintstudents

After the movie I went to Breadtop and Spanish Doughnuts in Elizabeth st. I haven’t been to this side of town much due my hellish long hours at work on the other side of the city. So today I had a chance.

First off I visited Spanish Doughnuts. Here they had been raved about by 7 bloggers all liking the churros. I too loved the churros. Nice and crispy on the outside and I loved the sugar content on the outside. I could eat these all day but it be really bad for my arteries.

Oh and they do have a deal of $5.95 for coffee/tea and a churro.

They also had samples of churros for people to try. A few came by and helped themselves to way too many (freeloaders). I hate those freeloaders which don’t buy anything. It is not fair for the business.

Since they had no green tea and no seating except for outside, I ended up visiting Breadtop. Here this Breadtop is bigger than the other places with seating inside the place. This Breadtop was busy with people wanting takeaway. When I saw my favorite Triple Spring Onion there I thought great I want to sample this. So I got that and the green tea.

My server spoke hardly any English and looked really tired. My guess was that she was an underpaid International student.
When I saw my server enter in the price for the Triple Spring Onion for $1.90 I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that the price of this had gone up by ten cents. My green tea was $2.80. My tea was just ok, but the triple spring onion roll hasn’t gotten better. In fact the onion topping is only very small and same for the garlicky flavour that it should have lots of.

All in all I probably would stick to my favorite one in QV sorry

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