Japan Club Movie day

by newintstudents

Location: in RUSU Meeting Room in Building 8 level 3 RMIT City campus
Date and time: 25/4/2013 at 12pm
Cost: free for RMIT Japan Club members and $1 for others

About 20 people came to this event. To start off with we enjoyed a guessing game.

The food
It was all free. Here we had free pizzas and snacks and drinks

The Movie:
Runoni Kenshin
Starring:  Emi Takei, Takeru Sato, Yû Aoi
“140 years ago Japan entered a war period known as the Bakumatsu wars and there was an assassin known as Battosai who killed everyone”.

The trailer from You tube

It is about one guy who was an assassin during the wars and the Meiji period. During that time there was a lot of peace and most of Japan followed the Western ways. Terror and violence was over. Opium is referred  to quite frequently in the movie.
After some time an undercover cop was murdered by Battosai at the fair. A wanted poster was put up at the school. At that time he murdered all the police officers and left notes on their dead bodies. In Kyoto this also happened as well.

The drug lord Kanryuu Takeda tries to buy the school to produce opium but it never happened. Because Kenshin helped to protect it alongside Kaoru Kamiya.  In the end Kamiya let him stay in the school. It was also a hiding place for Megumi who was under Kanryuu Takeda’s spell. The movie talks a lot about the school and why it was desserted.

The drug lord poisons the school and when he does all hell breaks lose at his mansion and Battousai was killed. In the end the drug lords were arrested and Megumi and the others lived happily ever after.

I am a fan of action movies with all the blood and guts. The fight scenes were really good, but there was a few moments of love and sadness especially when the wife found out that her husband died.

Many thanks to the RMIT Japan for organising this.