by newintstudents

Nelayan is a cheap student eatery place. It is on Swanston st next to Dumplings plus. I have walked by that place for some time now but never went in.

Here it was rather quiet when I arrived at 11.30am. Hence I thought it was closed. But it turns out that they do an early lunch.

There is hardly any service. You go up to the counter and you pay. You also serve yourself cutlery, water and sauces. They do takeaway also.

It is cash only for purchases under $10. You can pay by credit for purchases over $25.

Here I got the $8.50 lunch of 2 mains and rice. I also added a coconut drink ($3.50) which was really too sweet for me.

I got the sweet and sour fish and the soya beancurd. The soya beancurd was nice, but the fish was a tad bit overcooked and soggy. Perhaps a little too much sauce in there? They should have left the sauce out and put it in when the customer orders it.

The rice was nice but a tad bit dry for my liking.

The drink was too sweet. I would have liked it better if they had put in red beans and some barley in there to counteract the sweetness.

All in all it was a tad bit pricey for such a small dish. I was expecting a lot more food for $8.50 seeing as this is a student cheap eat. Oh well I might just have to settle for their noodle dishes and some of the other meat choices in the bain marie. Or one of the cakes from the shelf. It was great that I came early rather than late.

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