My week of breakfasts by Katheine

by newintstudents

As part of our Health and human development series.

Did  you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and without it you’ll starve. Hence I have written a seven day plan.

Day 1
Today I had brioche raisin bread with tea. It was yummy and only just under $1.

Day 2

image by Flickr

I had oats for breakfast with canned peaches and tea. The oats needed to be in milk and then microwaved for 1 min and 30 secs. My breakfast only cost me $3.

Day 3
I had banana on bread. I just chopped the banana up and put it on normal bread. It was nourishing. I feel as though it is easy and quick to make breakfast at home rather than take out.

Day 4
I had toast with my leftover can of beans. I feel that eating breakfast at home is way better for you and cuts your costs down. At least I won’t be spending too much money on take out lunches and breakfasts. I’ve spent less than $2 on this breakfast and its quite nourishing.

Day 5:
I had an open sandwich with lettuce and mushrooms on top. Yum! I am starting to love lots of veggies and it is easy to have 5 serves of it. And it is less than $1 to do it yourself at home.

Day 6
I had muesli with just milk and chia seeds.

Day 7
My flatmate made me scrambled eggs. Sorry I don’t have a picture for this as I forgot to take one before eating it. But it was delicious with all the herbs and salt and sourdough bread