My week on being vegetarian by Katherine

by newintstudents

As part of our Health and Human development series.

The aim of the challenge is to try and learn as much as I can about being vegetarian. That means no meat this week. That means also trying a lot of different vegetarian places.

I was really inspired to do this story after reading many of Meld’s vegetarian stories. Some of my friends at uni are vegetarian.

So for this week I cannot have much meat; it has to be mainly vegetables. Also all the vegetables that I use has be bought from the market.

I can still have fruits, my usual snacks (without any meat that is) and my breakfasts. I can also go to places which serve vegetarian meals

Day 1.
Woke up and had museli with Chia seeds and my usual tea. Was at home all day today so I had a salad and Easy Mac which is just cheese and macaroni. It was cold outside so I was tempted to have meat, but I stopped myself in time by having more cheese

Saw an email from Crown saying that there was $9.90 footy specials at Jimbo and Rex, Emporio Della Pasta and Cotta. But then when I saw the menu for Jimbo and Rex, I saw that it was all meat options. I saw the same for Emporio Della Pasta. Ahh it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to find things which are vegetarian but I will get there eventually.
For dinner that night I had a potato ball, rice, greens and faux chicken schnitzel

Day 2.
It was so cold last night that I could hardly sleep at all. Today for breakfast I had just cereal. For lunch I had sushi, miso soup and salad. I’m really happy with the way how things are going. I found that most vegetarian things are cheaper than meat. Am happy that I’m saving money by being a vegetarian.
As I was going home from school, whilst waiting for my train I could smell meat and fried food. I wished I could eat some but restrained myself. I wonder how the next few days will pan out.

Day 3.
Had vegetarian sushi and coffee for breakfast. Yes I know it was a bit late today but I struggled to get out of bed this morning and was rushing to my first class. Now don’t try this at home. It was such a bad idea as I lost my concentration and nearly fainted.
Had mock meat with spices for dinner. It was yum.

Day 4.
I really want meat today. Naw.
Its so cold outside. But I have my salad with nuts and chia seeds and for breakfast I had bananas on toast with chia seeds.
For lunch I had a lettuce salad with nuts and chia seeds. Am really loving using chia seeds as they are full of fibre and makes me fuller for longer.
I really wanted to visit the Shandong Mama but I saw that they had meat and no veg options.

Day 5.
I went to Zest wraps for breakfast. Saw that they didn’t have any vegetarian options on the menu but was happy to ask them to do a vegetarian wrap for me. And they did
Went to the regional living expo and forgotten about being vegetarian and accidentally ate one of KR Castlemaines meat.
But I remembered at the The Merrywell where I ordered a vegetarian burger ($12.5) and onion rings.
For dinner that night I had noodles with vegetarian wontons at home.

Day 6.
Now I’m beginning to have pangs for meat. Oh well just another two more days and I can have meat again. Yay!
Went to the supermarket that day (Coles I think it was) and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that some of the vegetables were cheap (under $5 mainly) so I stocked up on heaps and heaps.
Later on that night from all that hunger I ate some dried sultanas.

Day 7
Was at home today but went for a walk. Can’t wait to go back to meat. Made some soup for lunch and dinner that day. Loved it. In fact it was a simple dinner meal and books that night. I know I am devoid of proteins but I know that I can meat and other stuff tomorrow.

Lessons learnt
* More and more places should have some sort of vegetarian dishes on the menu
* Its cheaper being a vegetarian, but if you have any weight concerns see a dietician. If you have any medical concerns see a doctor first before attempting this
* If you are in a restaurant and see that they aren’t vegetarian see if you can get them to make your order vegetarian. If they can’t maybe leave.
* You can make lots of stuff with vegetables- you just have to know what goes with what
* Substitute meat for cheese, eggs and tofu/tempeh as they are cheap but high in protein and will keep you fuller for longer