Mad Mex at QV

by newintstudents

Mad Mex QV is a relatively new franchise to the Mad Mex family. Already it has been blogged about two others and Meld Magazine has taken a keen interest to this joint.

They just opened last year but due to the fact that I didn’t like other Mad Mex I just wasn’t keen on this. But when I saw the $9.90 weekday specials I was surprised.

They also have two deals featuring in Meld’s Little book of discounts and in the Entertainment book.

Their $9.90 specials changes daily and it includes a drink, a main and a side of corn chips. You can select your fillings.

Like the other Mad Mex they are also licensed and they also sell Jarritos. I loved the look of the lady’s cola Jarrito- she said that it was nice

They were busy with all the students and the workers lining up for their lunchtime feed by the time I got there.

Mad Mex is a better version of a fast food place. You order, you pay and then if you are eating in they serve the food in a nice bowl but a bit messily. Nice but messy.

Here I had their tacos which came with a drink and corn chips. All for $9.90. the meal came with two huge tacos. They were a little bit soggy but when I ate it with a fork it was much better.

Mine were vegetarian with black beans. I loved the jalapenos in this, but unlike Guzman Y Gomez you don’t get to serve yourself this.

I really wanted the Jarritos but they weren’t a part of the deal. What would be nice like other places is to offer an upgrade fee if people want Jarritos or beer with their deal. I was happy to pay a little more for them.

The corn chips were a bit better than the ones at Guzman but I would have liked a dip to go with this. Unlike Guzman there is no chimichurri sauce.

Good filling meals I say for students. Students skip the one at Melbourne Central and come straight over to the QV one you won’t be disappointed. Oh yeah and use the buy one get one free deal if you have.

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