by newintstudents

Shyun is a Japanese restaurant which serves big meals at affordable prices. It is run by real Japanese and I loved their uniforms.

It is about a five minute walk from Carnegie train station and a five minute train ride from Caulfield station ( I was visiting the Age expo that day).

Shyun is a tiny hole in the wall place. But it is big and warm and welcoming once you get inside.

Like Sushi Hotaru they have the iPad ordering system. But Shyuns one is faster and actually works.

They have bathrooms out the back and down a hallway. Like many Melbourne cafes they have outdoor seating in the courtyard.

I loved the traditional Japanese seating. It felt like I was in Japan.

Shyun has their homemade desserts and things on offer but I was too full for that. They also have the make own Bento lunches for those that are fussy.

Here I saw the sushi chef doing some fresh and beautiful sushi and cutting the fish quite finely. So that inspired me to order Chirashi ($17.90). Here they have the option of extra rice for $0.50 but I wanted to also try the best Agedashi tofu ($6.20) there is in Melbourne and righteously so.

I loved the moving bonito flakes and the sauce.

The fish in the Chirashi was nice and fresh and was cut finely. Not like those cheap cuts that the Chinese do. This was at its finest.

The egg was sweet and I loved that.

The rice had the right amount of vinegar to it but it was subtly salty from the eel and the caviar. I loved the little balls of caviar. It just popped in the mouth.

I was easily full after these two dishes so yes, it was a good spend of $24.10

I would love to return again with the RMIT Japan club. I can see why they are rated one of the best restaurants in Melbourne- just love them. 

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