The Age VCE Careers expo by Katherine

by newintstudents

The Age VCE and Careers expo is on again.

It is $10 per person but there is a free return ticket.

It is at Caulfield racecourse just outside the station.

This year it went for four days and a few schools attended

There’s plenty of colleges in Melbourne that does hairdressing such as Pivot Point.

Both Latrobe and RMIT Uni have great science courses

Fashion- RMIT has lots of fashion courses for students.

This is about roughly the time that most universities and colleges have their open days where you can visit them and ask lots of questions and see what they have on offer. They are worth going to.

This is one place for students who want to make films.

Woodwork is also another course that students can study at TAFE

A few years ago I went. It was really enjoyable so that is why I went.  I also got a lot out of it.

But this time I didn’t get a lot of free stuff. But I took away a lot of information about job interviews and other things.
About 26-30 universities and colleges participated. Not so much TAFE because of the previous governments decision to take TAFE away.

But William Angliss was there and they offer commercial cookery courses for students. There was also another hospitality school there offering courses for students before they work in the hosipitality industry.

Pivot point is a hair dressing academy in the city and they too offer courses for students.

There was two useful sessions: one about media as a dying industry and the other is on job interviews and being positive during these interviews. It is normal to feel nervous during the interview and interviewers know this but just relax.

Also be well groomed during the interview. Depending on the job you are going for work out what is appropriate for the interview. For example if you are going for an accounting job wear a suit.

Be prepared for questions such as Tell me about yourself  and tell me what you know about the company etc.

Thanks Age for inviting us and we hope to see you next year. This expo is for me and I hope you’ll agree