The Boatbuilders Yard and Spanish Churros

by newintstudents

Last night after my disappointingly small dinner at the Common Man where yes there was free pizzas and the serving of chips was rather small (not enough for me and my two other friends to share), we went to the Boatbuilders Yard.

It is right next to Polly Woodside and the Exhibition centre. At night the riverside has the most stunning views.

It was at 8pm and here I was intrigued by their outside BBQ which seemed like a lot of fun and a cheap eat. Turns out that it was. It wasn’t as busy as the Common Man as everyone wanted the free pizzas.

The set up reminded me of a tiny little cute beach shack at Ocean Grove and I love how it reminds me of the beach.

Here you have to order and then collect your food from a pick up point. You also have to get your own cutlery. Other reviewers on Urbanspoon were not too happy about this, but I didn’t mind. In some pubs and clubs you collect your own food.

I believe that there is an offer for this business in the Entertainment book.

The other two had a match to go to so I ordered a Chicken wrap. People might find have found this a little bit meh judging by the reviews but I actually liked it. Even though I think that the bread might be wrong- they chose tortilla wrap instead of pita bread, but the meat was BBQ’d perfectly and they told me to wait about six-seven minutes. As a result it was a tad bit soggy but I didn’t mind as the chicken was BBQ’d perfectly and the wrap was made on the spot.

I loved that they used fresh lettuce and not a lot of tzatziki (a greek yoghurt sauce) in this.

The guy there was lovely. I would have loved some gelati but oh well the wrap made up for it. I’ll have to come back during the warm days for some gelati love.

Next up I went to Spanish Churros in Southern Cross. Here the guy was a little surly. Unlike San Churros on the other day I didn’t have such a nice time eating a cold glazed churro ($2.50). I love it when churros are warm and have that nice dusting of sugar on top.

Oh well I might just have to come back when they have just opened for the day.

And then it was time for home.

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