Australian Health care system

by newintstudents

And why you need to understand this system

An example of an OHSC card. Image by Flickr

If you get sick you may need to go to hospital or see the doctor straightaway. Hence students need to understand the system.

You OSHC doesn’t cover you for everything. But they do cover the basic hospital and ambulance costs, up to $300 for prescriptions in a year and some doctors visits. You can reclaim straightaway for most doctors and hospital visits. Just visit your local branch or you can claim online at your providers site.

To get the most out of your hospital and doctors visits (and for free) you should visit ones which are members of your OHSC provider and show them your membership card. Your doctor/hospital will then bill the OHSC provider. You might have to pay 15% of your doctors cost.

It does not cover you if you have a preexisting condition before you came to Australia.

Melbourne has a bed shortage in the hospitals and it has been going for some time so you may have a long wait for a bed. There is also lack of funding for the nurses and hospital staff.

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