How to savour your last $20

by newintstudents

And things to do for free. Students ever wondering how to live on a limited budget? Did all of your money go towards rent and other bills such as tuition. Here are some ideas.
1) Visit an art gallery/museum for free. Visit them on an exhibitions opening as you’ll often get free food and wine. But you just have to appreciate the cheese and crackers and wine. Oh and of course the artworks. RMIT Link Arts often has one every couple of weeks.

2) Have potluck dinners where everyone brings something for under $10. That way you’ll be full and you’ll have fun at the same time
3) If you live close by to uni ride your bike or walk to uni
4) Check out the free Sunday Markets- you don’t have to buy anything, but it is worth a wander. It is free to explore the markets.
5) Use whatever you have in your pantry/fridge and do a bake off or soup.
6) Have your hair cut at the Couch for free as well as free meals. They do have free hair cuts every week- no need to book, just turn up. The couch is open from Mondays- Thursdays from 5:30pm-9:30pm. They are located at 69 Bourke st.

7) Sign up to be members at your favourite bars/pubs/clubs for free drinks and members parties (note: you do have to spend some money in most cases).