Fortrusts seminar

by newintstudents

I was invited by AFIS to attend Fortrusts Information seminar on Migration and IELTS. I couldn’t go to the IELTS seminar as I had something else on after Migration seminar. I thought that the migration seminar was pretty darn useful and so was the free food.
There was so many people there and the room was so crowded. About 100 students came. It was in a small building and the room was small enough to fit 30 people and about one hundred people came.

The guys from Kabo lawyers came and talked about the post study rights and the 487 visa.
One question that you should ask yourself, particularly in the third year is” What do I want to do after my studies?”  No two person wants to do the same thing. There are different options for different people. There are various skill occupations that needs to be filled and the list changes every year in mid July, depending on what the goverment needs.

One of the things that was talked greatly about was the Temporary Graduate Visa (485). There are two streams one of them goes for 18 months and the other is the post study work rights visa for people that study something that is not on the list but wants to work. Students need to meet the two year study requirement. It is a two to four year visa.  It is not for everyone; it is only for those that have their first student visa granted after the 5th of November 2011. It will open some doors for these people.

The 18 months one you have to do something which is on the skilled occupation list.
Note: You cannot apply directly for PR through this visa; you need an Expression of Interest. It is a very difficult process. Very few people get the invitation.

Another option is if you work for something that the state government wants then they will sponsor you. You have to work for the Government and they can override the decision.

You can also work in the Private sector for 4 years. If your employer wants to keep you they can sponsor you to apply for the 487 visa. But there is a lot of controversy with this. The 487 visa is a direct way to migration and PR.

There is no connection between PR and study. And there is nothing you can do until you finish your study.
There was food and prizes to be won.

They should have it in a bigger space such as the SAB building where there is an actual cinema like theatre. And charge students for it too.