Sugardough Pancifio patisserie by Katherine

by newintstudents

Sugardough Pancifio Patisserie is in Brunswick. It is on Lygon st just ten minutes past Melbourne Uni and about twenty minutes by tram from RMIT in the city. It is 15 mins walk from RMIT Brunswick. To get there just take the number 1 or 8 tram and get off at stop 122.

This is a really small but homely bakery. Here they bake their own goods including the yummy bombolini (Italian doughnut).

Here they have a lovely courtyard and a big table where you can study or hold group meetings. And the WI-FI is great too. The bathrooms are outside and in the courtyard

They have both savory and sweet and like Beatrix everything here is huge and freshly baked. But the only thing they don’t have is meringues. That and lemon tarts. Their tarts are huge so its best to share the tart; as someone told me its really rich.

I had their vegetarian quiche ($8.20) and added two salads with that ($4.50). My plate was massive so I was full easily. I loved the homemade relish that came with it.

The quiche is just like how my mother makes it, nice and soft and filling. A quiche is a savory egg tart with other fillings in there. You can have it on its own or with salad.

The salads change daily. Today it was quinoa, pasta and Greek. I couldn’t decide on one so I chose them both.

I also had my long black ($3) and one of the bombolinis ($3). Loved the bombolini. It was nothing like your factory made ones which have lots and lots of oil in this.

My long black was just ok.

I’d only be too happy to come back for just their baked goods and Hepburn springs water.

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