Bangladesh students cannot pay their fees

by newintstudents

Like Iranian and Syrian students these students cannot transfer money to pay their uni fees.

The Bangledesh currency. Image courtesy of

There is civil unrest in Bangladesh at the moment. It has been like that for the past ten years, but at the end of last year it had only begun to get worse. It is against this one politcal leader  Abdul Kader Mullah who was given a life sentence for his crimes during the 1971 Independence war. His supporters including Jamaat-e- Islami are holding protests for his release.

The governments rule in Bangladesh is that all businesses and banks be shut as well as projects be stopped at the time of protest.

These protests have been growing strong and more violent. There has been a lot of riots in Bangladesh one big factory being burnt down, leaving hundreds of workers without a job. A lot of them have died as a result of this.

Bangledeshi taka is Bangledesh currency and according to the exchange market the value is decreasing.
$1 Australian dollar is equal to 78.14 Bangladeshi taka. Hence $55000 Bangledeshi taka is equal to $708 AUD.

So what does that mean for students in Melbourne?

That means that for many Bangladesh students might be not able to:
* enjoy life in Melbourne
* pay their uni fees on time
* pay other bills on time
* eat three meals a day- some of them might have to resort to food parcels

That also might mean that some of these students might have lost their family and friends as a result of this terrible tragedy. As a result these students might need special consideration as the loss of family and friends might impact on their results for the exam.

A few students that we talked to could not pay their fees on time and they had problems with their living costs. Many are looking for work on the Facebook page with no such luck.

But we haven’t heard anything about RMIT would do for these students. Would they do the same for these students like they did for the Iranian students?