Squatting and the dangers of it

by newintstudents

Squatting is living in a abandoned building.

In Melbourne there are a few buildings which are abandoned. Most of them are not safe to live in. They usually are old and abandoned and don’t always comply with the housing and safety regulations.

In 2008 there was one such group of squatters and that was SHAC (Student Housing Action Committee). This group squatted for about eight months before they were evicted. Katherine remembered befriending them. She has lost touch with them after the eviction.

Their house was a group of four really old brick houses and there were protests going on. At that time there was a housing shortage and there still is to this day. But since then the housing shortage has eased.

In 2009 Occupy Melbourne had happened and people were squatting in the city square.

A woman in her twenties died in an abandoned house on April 5th 2013.

Students if you ever need housing see your uni’s hosuing office instead of squatting.