Academic staff and the troubles with understanding them for International students

by newintstudents

As a part of our study and exams guide

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Some students have difficulties in understanding the academic staff and the way that they work. We investigate the different types of staff and how they operate

1) Subject coordinator- these are the people that design the assessments and content.
2) Lecturer- they are the people that gives the lecture on the subject. They only just tell you all the key points. Sometimes this would be your course coordinator. They do not teach the subject. You have to do all the readings yourself. You have to take your own notes.
3) Tutor- they can be casual or they can be permanent. Most tutors know their students really well especially if there are small groups. These are the people that mark your work.
4) Admin staff- they are your basic receptionist and they only just do the normal admin work to help run the school.
5) The Head of the School makes all the managerial decisions about the courses and sometimes about the student; especially if the student is to be excluded from their course.

Sometimes the academic staff don’t know how to deal with International students. It is outlined in the Ombudsman’s report 2011. Staff really don’t want to teach students things twice.

Remember: you are responsible for your own learning. Learning in Australia is by understanding not by ROTE.