Killiney Kopitiam on Bourke st

by newintstudents

There is now another Killiney Kopitiam on Bourke st. It just opened last year but they are not as busy as the one in carlton. I wonder why?

My guess would be that the Paramount is too quiet. Paramount doesn’t have many great restaurants except for Ramen Ya.

You order and you pay at the counter. The place was really empty when I came at 11am.
I had their specialty of kaya toast and coffee for $5.90 as well as roti ($4.20 for two pieces). I loved the roti it was fluffy and very light.

The coffee was ok; just you typical Asian coffee.

But the kaya toast was the worst it was cold. I love the spread but the toast was just cold.

With that in mind I prefer the other Killiney any day.

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