La Porchetta in Highpoint by Katherine

by newintstudents

La Porchetta in Highpoint has been around for a long time but it always seems to cop all the flak on Urbanspoon.

I wondered why seeing as it was one of my favourite places when I go to Highpoint. I remembered the times when I was in Year 12 where me and my friends used to hang out before the movies. It was good back then. Back then I used to have the Hawaiian pizza and lemonade and my server was lovely. It was busy too and the place was really clean

These days the place was just a tad bit worn and dirty. Perhaps they are in dire need of renovations?

It was quiet when I came at lunchtime, unlike the good old days.

My server was really unhappy. Although she is Australian she was really snooty.  I think the waitress forgot my chilli and I had to go and get it myself from the rack (which by the way was just a little bit dirty). The other Asian lady was fine though.

The toilets weren’t all that great. They are at the back of the restaurant and they are old and worn. The ones at the cinema are better.

The cost of the pizzas have risen. It is now $9.50 for a small pizza compared to the price on the web which is $7.40. My lemon lime and bitters is $4.40 for just a wee small cup, why? It tasted like it was just from a $2 bottle. I liked the orange in there though.

Although my pizza was just fine, it was the service and the uncleanliness which marred my experience. I probably would prefer the Essendon branch better than this one. I hope they were just having a bad day and not have changed for the worst.

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