Planting your own vegetables and fruits

by newintstudents

As part of our Health and Human development series
If you are allowed to keep plants why not try this idea?

Planting is a relatively useful idea.  It’s cost effective as well as the fact that you can save heaps on your groceries.

It is a little bit of exercise and hard work, but it is fun. You have to look after the garden and dig, weed and plant (all sorts of bending exercises).

Here you can plant all sorts of things such as lettuces, tomatoes, capsicums etc. You could also plant fruit trees in your garden. You can also buy some seeds and seedlings as well as trees and pot plants. Seedlings are about $5.50 each and trees are about $40 each but they last a while and they also bear produce for years to come

If you live near a nursery do visit it and ask lots of questions. You will need to buy soil and mulch for your garden (if you’re allowed to have one). The friendly staff at the nursery should be able to assist you should you need and it would be a great idea to get some advice about what to put in your garden.

Make sure that you have a friend with four wheels to assist you in carting the stuff home. I tried to carry lots and lots of plants home on a 35C day on the tram and believe me I struggled with them. Or just buy some seeds.