The Pancake Parlour by Katherine

by newintstudents

The Pancake parlour is a chain store.

This one is better than the one at Melbourne Central.

Here this one is next to the Reject shop in a basement. You go down the stairs and turn left and there you will see a big, fun filled store.

The place was empty when I came at around 10.30amish.

It took a while for it to come but when it did it was great.

I managed the visit the bathrooms and it is just ok.
The lady there was really friendly.

I had the $15 student special. Here you can choose from a few different pancakes and drinks. Normally you’d have to pay $20+ for a drink and pancake meal. The $15 special includes a pancake and a drink.

I had the Bavarian apple and this one fared a lot better than the one at Melbourne Central. It came with two buttermilk pancakes, you choice of ice cream and apples. This one was moist and freshly made. I loved the ice cream today.

This one filled me up.

I think I prefer the one at Bourke st rather than the one at Melbourne central anyday. I’m glad to be a student and not pay the exorbitant prices for the food.

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