Yoyogi Melbourne Central by Katherine

by newintstudents

I went to visit the one in Melbourne Central after eat and be merry recommended that I did.They were in another part of the Melbourne central food court; hence they were not easy to find.

The service was zilch- it was just order, pay and go. There is no seating except for the food court

I had one inari (which was sweet for $1.80) and two sushis for $4.40 altogether. At 1:30pm when I came there wasn’t much left in the display. They didn’t have lot of veg options so I just opted for one seaweed roll and one veg roll.

Here they have the cheap deal of buy 4 rolls for $8, But seeing as I wasn’t very hungry I opted out

They were moist. Everything here is very fresh. The avocado was just right. The tofu sheet was a little too soft but can’t complain too much.

The seaweed one was spicy. But I love spices so I can’t complain.

This is way healthier than the other options in Melbourne central’s food court for lunchtime options. And under a tenner you can’t go wrong.

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