NTEU’s ban on the release of results

by newintstudents

This year like every other year students have been denied results due to industrial actions which are ongoing between the Universities and the unions.

Some students are exempt from these such as students who are graduating or who need them for work reasons. Katherine explains the impact of these.

image from the NTEU site

 The ban of results this year means that the results will come out late or not at all. ACU (Australian Catholic University) is not participating in the ban.

There has been some sort of dispute over pay and funding that has been going on for a long time. A lot of staff in RMIT have not been paid a lot of money for the work that they do. It is the same for the other Melbourne Universities. Universities get a lot of money through our fees and they spend it all on buildings and not on staff. In fact RMIT has a lot of casualization which means that there aren’t a lot of permanent staff that knows about students and how to deal with them.

The aims of the ban is to make University management aware that there is a need for more permanent staff and less casuals. Also the workload on the permanent staff is increasing and staff are not being enough.

It is time that University management listens.

But if you are graduating you can be exempt from the action. Simply talk to your lecturer. There might be a process for you to apply to get your results in time.

“Is it true that our results will not be released tomorrow (30 May 2013) to SIM-RMIT students in Singapore just because of the conflict between RMIT and the Union? This is totally unfair!” posted a student on RMIT’s Facebook page

A few days ago one of my friends complained about not getting her results. This has got to stop. RMIT and other unis cannot treat staff like this.