The Careers workshop

by newintstudents

Run by Su Chai Junction and Meld Magazine

Cost: Free but some students gave a gold coin donation. And there was a free goody bag and snacks for everyone.
Location: Arrow on Swanston in the conference room with lots and lots of balloons outside. Arrow on Swanston is a five minute walk from Melbourne Central station and RMIT.
Time: From 6pm-8:30pm (but the session ran about half an hour late and I had to leave early to catch my train and my bus)
Aim: Was to learn about job interviews
About 50 people attended the session. Here we learnt lots of things about the phone/ face to face interviews and personal grooming. We were split into groups and there were four scenarios, each going for twenty minutes.
And then after the twenty minutes there would be a role play with an interviewer and the interviewee and they would be given some feedback.

The people from Noted Careers, Swinburne, OurSay etc came and mentored us through the process.

Some Interview questions that you might like to think about:
Give us examples about when you are happy.
What do you consider a good employee?
Do you have the experience of working with people?
What do you know about the company?
Tell me why you chose this position
What situations were you under a lot of pressure in a group project?
Tell us a bit about yourself- do base it around the selection criteria.

Some personalities for the interview:
* Good communication is about how well you relate to people
* Passion- you need to be passionate about what you do
* be confident
* You have to know how to use a telephone
* 70% of the interview is based on personality and 30% of it is on qualifications
* Go outside of your square

Do’s and donts for the interview
* Show up at least 15 minutes early
* If you say “No” to something, expand on it.
* Research the company
* Be tidy
* Do seek feedback after the interview as you can learn from your mistakes
*Be polite
* Be Honest
* If someone called you, return the call.

* Chew gum
* Smoke
* Play with your phone
* Be rude

many thanks to Meld Magazine for such a wonderful event and hope to see you soon.