$10 meals

by newintstudents

As part of our Health and Human Development series

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So you are living in a share house and sharing with three to four other people. As a student you can’t afford to spend lots and lots of money on food.

Here’s a great idea, why not spend about $40 (as a household) on lunch and dinner each week and make things from scratch? That is provided that you have the essential things like eggs, milk, bread, butter and oil.

Chicken and pork is about $10 per tray (or whole chicken) at the supermarket.
Sauces such as Fish sauce is about $2 per bottle and you can use it many times.
Noodles is about $1-$2 per packet (don’t buy the instant ones- they are more expensive)
Paste is about $0.99 each
Pasta is about $0.70-$2 each
Rice is about $2-$4 each (for 1 kg)
Look out for specials such as 2 packets for $4 of gravy.
Buy things on special
Buy fruit and veg that’s in season.
Here are some meal ideas.

* Pasta
* Pork Stir fry
* Nasi Goreng
* Thai Green curry
* Meat balls
* Minestrone soup with lots and lots of vegetables.
* Tacos (you make it yourself)
* Fried rice
* Vegetarian Pad thai
* Rice balls (big ones)

Got any more ideas? Just leave us a comment below.