International students want more counseling

by newintstudents

At the moment the counseling service is really stretched to the limit. There is a lot more work that the counseling service could do for students. Whilst they are a great resource there is more that they could do.

picture of a lonely student in need of counseling. Image by USAcademy-

Australia educates about 228,000 international students per year. Yet they are made to feel like cash cows.

International students leave behind their family and their friends. Adjusting to a new life is problematic.  They have to adjust to uni as well as living away from home. Some students have suicidal thoughts.

Loneliness is the main problem that students face in Melbourne. This is a problem that cannot be solved by the University unless there is more funding.

One student who do not wished to be name said that “studying in Australia was more like being on vacation.”
“I wanted to try new experiences that my parents would not allow such as being drunkenly and having lots and lots of sex. This in turn lead to a downfall in my results at RMIT Uni and lead me to being “at risk””.

Another student, Kai said that the experience of studying in Australia would be really lonely without the assistance of the buddy programs at uni.

Hence this has lead more problems with Gambling and unwanted sex. It also led to drunkeness on the streets.

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