Project O

by newintstudents

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Project O is a charity project run by an RMIT student club called PPIA. PPIA is an Indonesian club which assists new students to make friends through events and things.

Right now and for the last two years they are running a project called Project O. Project O aims to:
1. Support Indonesian children with special needs in attaining better future through education and learning programs.

2. Investing in proper education to maximize the potential of each individual with special needs in developing and entering the public world.

3.Create pathways for young Indonesians in Australia and the local communities to be the agents of change.

4. Deliver sustainable funding for school projects in Indonesia and provide the maximum educational opportunities for children with special needs.

This year their project is called Project O: Ignite. Its aims is to make the world a happier place by doing daily deeds. They aim to do this through many charity events.