by newintstudents

Amigos is a Mexican place in Hardware lane. This place had opened sometime just before March 2012 so they are relatively new.

The place like anywhere else in Hardware Lane was relatively quiet. But at night it gets really busy.

They have lots and lots of promotions such as weekly wins and Marvellous Margs (Margaritas)  and Tiny tacos on Tuesdays from 5pm at Tequilla bar. These tacos are free on Tuesday nights.

I was invited by the guys at Amigos and went on a Friday lunchtime to try out their menu. Here they are like Mamasita except everything was a tad bit bigger.

Here I had the fajita taco (vegetarian- normally $7.50), the vegetable burrito ($23.5 for a filling burrito with salsa and your choice of sides) and the virgin dalaquri( which by the way is a mocktail- $9.5). They have dessert but I was too full for that.

The virgin dalaquri was quite nice, except it had a little too much ice so it was a tad bit difficult to finish. But I loved the lemon flavour. You can choose from a wide range of flavours but I felt like lemon today.

The fajita taco was a little bit bland. Some sauce would have been great.

Between the entree and the main I saw one of the chefs playing with their phone. Very unprofessional.

But the burrito made up for this. This was very filling. A burrito is a soft tortilla filled with lots of stuff inside and the fillings vary. You can choose from beef, chicken and vegetables. I chose the vegetables. On the outside was the corn and bean salsa which I loved. There were lots and lots of vegetables inside and lots of flavour. The tomato salsa added a nice flavour to my burrito.

By the way I saw someone else’s fajita and it looked huge and wonderful. I’d be willing to give this one a go.

Thanks Amigos for the free lunch. I hope to see you soon and I wouldn’t mind paying for the drinks next time.

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