Kokoro Ramen by Katherine

by newintstudents

I went to Kokoro Ramen for lunch on that cold winters day. They specialise in Japanese ramen but they also have other snacks.

Today the place was really busy.

It is a tiny shop with no outdoor seating. You go up and you order at the counter. But the staff are always happy to assist you at the table in making your order.

Except I was ignored at the door. I kept waiting for a little while, until they finally saw me and said “Iradashimee (welcome)”. And then they finally led me to a seat., told me: “WE DON’T DO STOFFERS OFFERS HERE. We don’t have WI- FI”. I thought “What the hell? What sort of place doesn’t do WI-FI? Why even advertise an offer on Stoffers for $8 discount?”

But luckily the free condiments and water and the big bowls of ramen sort of made up for the service.

The free condiments were the Kimchi which I loved and some sort of green thing which I didn’t really like at all. It was uninspiring in taste.

They have green tea for $1 but I wasn’t up to it.

They have $9 lunch specials as well as some rice dishes. Everything here is huge. I had the super cheap ramen at $7.80 and I added butter for an extra $1.

The noodles were nice but the soup was very salty for a pork flavoured soup. There was plenty of condiments in there but the pork was slightly overcooked.

I might give them another try for their rice dishes, which looked very appealing. But that might take some convincing for me to come back, even with Sally :(. Sorry.

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