Snow Pony by Katherine

by newintstudents

It is on my way to Box Hill from the city. I was going to Box Hill for the Japan Festival and needed a coffee on the way.
So I decided to visit Snow Pony for takeaway coffee and the so called McPony (by the way I was starving). The McPony is a breakfast muffin just like the Bacon and Egg McMuffin except it is bigger and fresher (it was made freshly with organic eggs and they even put a little bit of chives in there which I love)

They are a small cafe so they are hard to spot. And yes it is in between two stops on the route 109 (stop: 43 and 44).
Despite that they have seating outside and inside. They are a dog friendly cafe.
They were busy at 11.20am so my coffee and McPony took a while to come. Altogether I paid about $8.40. Whilst waiting I went to the bathroom which is out the back.

They do have an offer of 25% off the total bill in the Entertainment book and the Meld Book (Mondays-Fridays only).

Service was pretty quick and the staff was friendly with a smile.

The McPony was really nice with all the fluffy eggs and chives in there. Yum. I’d think I’d prefer this better than McDonalds any day. I can see what all the fuss is about over this. It filled me up.

The coffee is by Aeropress. Hence it tasted a little chocolatey and nutty. It was really strong.

I’d like to come here and try their full Breakfast menu. If only I lived closer.

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