The Parkville hotel by Katherine

by newintstudents

The Parkville hotel has been around for quite some time. But it was just recently renovated and had reopened in 2012. It is one student pub and as such they have their uni nights on Thursday where it is 25% off the cost of the pizzas and $6 wine.
They are also a bottle shop with wines from $20- $25.
It is right outside a tram stop and right near Melbourne Uni. 

I was invited to go there with my library group. They cater for large groups and you can book ahead

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They don’t have the best WI-FI. The WI-FI was a pain to activate.

It is such a big place hence there are two sets of bathrooms- one near the counter and the other one in the courtyard. Both are welcoming.

You can pay by card or by cash.

All main meals are $15+ but they are huge. Tuesday is their seafood night and Wednesday they have trivia nights.

They do table service and you pay at the end.

The staff there were very accomodating of us and were happy for us to pay at the counter. They were also happy to assist me and other people.

I had my usual lemonade ($3.70 for a big glass- cheap drinks I know). Others had wine and someone had a lemon lime and bitters ($3.70). They were happy to refill people’s wine glasses if need be.

It was a really long wait for our food but it was worth it.

I had the wagyu beef burger with chips ($19). Although the price tag may seem hefty for some; it really was a big serve. It came with homemade tomato relish, pickles, a big serve of French fries and the biggest burger I have ever seen (Burger Friday might like this). The wagyu in it was so nice and so was the brioche bun.

Compared to what ParmaDaze had said about the parma ($22), the person that ordered it really enjoyed their large parma.

My recommendation: don’t go here if you are in a hurry as meals takes ages to come out. Do come if you enjoy a good burger amougst other things.

Someone else ordered a veal scaloppini ($22) and they really enjoyed. I got to sample a potato piece and enjoyed that.