Tien Dat by Katherine

by newintstudents

Tien Dat is in Box Hill. It is a Vietnamese place. About 900 people the like the place. I mean I do too.

After seeing the huge lineups for food and the expensive prices at the Japanese festival ($12 for a very small plate), Sally and I decided to visit Tien Dat which is about ten minutes walk away.

Tien Dat is a small place but they have outdoor seating. The staff seemed a little bit disorganised and it was hard to find seating as several tables were reserved.

They have EFTPOS but you have to spend $25 to be able to use EFTPOS. Luckily we had cash.

There is BYO wine here.

There isn’t any complimentary tea but there is free water.

Here they have one sized pho ($10) and Sally went for that. I forgot to take a picture of this but it was huge. Mine was $12.50 (vegetarian bun bo hue without the meats).  I felt like something light because I was going to visit the tea ceremony afterwards.

The Bun Bo Hue was huge. It was light and it had lots of vegetables in there underneath the noodles. But I wished they had more pickled carrots.

The spring rolls were just a tad bit overcooked as they broke into pieces.

Other than that this was a better alternative to eating at the Food Republik any day or at the Japan festival where prices were expensive for such a small plate.
Rating: A great find in Box Hill (the foodie suburb).
If I was here I’d return someday.

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