Planning for the big trip down under to study

by newintstudents

Are you a prospective student coming to Melbourne to study? If so you need to work out these things, or otherwise your stay in Melbourne could be fairly unpleasant.

1) Research the place. Google lots and lots of different blogs so that you get a feel for the place. Know how much things cost down here.

2) Once you have done your research work out your budget. How much can you afford each month? Take the exchange rate into account.

3) Plan your accommodation. No planning leads to a very unenjoyable and costly experience down under. You could be homeless if you haven’t planned ahead. You don’t have to work out as to which house you will stay in but what housing options are best for you and do your research about the rent so you know what to expect.  Head to to find out housing prices

4) Work out which is the cheapest airfare for you. You can usually do this from Webjet is an online service which compares flights so that you can choose whichever one suits you.

5) Work out how you will keep in contact with your parents whilst you’re in Melbourne. If you’re planning on bringing your own handset make sure that it works here and that you can unlock it without paying the fee. Skype is a cheap way to call them. Most 3G/4G phones has this service installed.

6) Download a calendar on to your phone. Most Android phones would have Google Calendar where you can fill in the important dates