Privacy Act

by newintstudents

In Australia there is a law about how your information can be used. This is known as the Privacy Act 2000.

An example of a privacy notice. Image from Google Images

 What information can be collected about you and why?
Legitimate organizations must state why the information is being used and must also display what’s known as Privacy notice.
They must say how it will be used and how it will be kept private. You can object this.

Your access to the Information

The sorts of “private” information that can be collected is
* Name
* Address
* D.O.B (date of birth, if you have be over eighteen for something)
* Bank account details (if you are buying something online)
* Passport details and pictures
* Phone

RMIT (or any other University for that matter)  cannot give out any information to a third party without your consent.

If you do need to post private information online,
Make sure that you read the company’s privacy policy
In terms of banking and paying for things use Firefox if you have and turn it to private browsing
Read the testimonials
Use a 128 bit security lock
Install anti virus software on your computer (it costs around $30-$60 per year and they are good for keeping viruses at bay). But make sure that you update it once a while and do scans on your computer.
Delete the cookies.