Some travel items you might also need

by newintstudents

Going traveling soon? These are a list of travel items which you might need if you are traveling around Australia.

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1) A pack of Cards- you should have picked on up on O-day for free for joining clubs etc. This is for really long train/plane/sea trips and you can play heaps of games with your friends without reverting to the boring ole TV/magazine/paper for hours

2) A sewing kit- Airlines might only allow this in checked luggage due to security reasons, but you can always buy one at your destination. A sewing kit costs $5-$10 and you can buy this at most luggage shops and at Lincraft. It is good for sewing on buttons and fixing threads.

3) Tooth picks- you can pick this up at any Chemist or Supermarket. So far we are loving Oral B’s toothpicks in a box. Nicely kept and there are lots of toothpicks for only a small price. These are lightweight so it is easy for on the move

4) Bobble bottle-you can reuse it as many times as you like (priced between $8-$20). Simply wash it, put water in it and take it with you. And its also handy when you want filtered water instead of tap as it has a filter and it converts it for you. It’s better than buying $3 bottle of water outside.

5) Shoe bags- you can usually pick up one for free at Orientation days. You can put your shoes inside and it will keep the rest of the clothes clean

6) A mini hanging line for washing clothes. Guess what you can hang your clothes in your room and you don’t have to worry about someone stealing them

7) A mini laundry kit for to do your laundry and save about $4 at the laundromat

8) A silk liner for your bed. You can buy this at camping stores and Macpac have a 25% off discount for students. As many hotel and hostel beds are dirty this will protect you from bedbugs

9) Foldable flats for the ladies. You can buy them in stores for about $7-$15 a pair.

10) Make your own toiletry kit. Its free and you can use the samples that you collected from Orientation days, showbags etc. It would save you the ridiculous $10 that you’d have to pay for a travel kit outside and would be allowed in your carry on bags at the airport (without the sharp stuff of course)

11) Sunscreen- Australian sunshine is pretty harsh on the skin, thus this is a great idea to bring some sunscreen. Sunscreen doesn’t have to be big; in fact it can be a sample from Orientation day. A sample is enough to last a few days.
At the moment we are loving Sunsense’s sport cream by Ego. You can buy small quantities of this and it is good for outdoor activities. It is also water resistant for 4 hours.

12) A padlock for your bags- lock your bags. You would be surprised as to how many people exercise commonsense. Like your house lock your bag when you go away. Recently I was going home by Southern Cross station and I saw that not many country travellers locked their overnight bag. Now you don’t want someone looking in your bag so it is better to lock it. Padlocks usually come for free with new suitcases but if you don’t have one you can buy one from any luggage stores or a hardware shop for about $10-$30.