Aftermath: Katie Paine

by newintstudents

This is an art exhibition run by RMIT Link arts going from 29th of May to the 7th of June with their opening on the 28th of May.

It is a mixed media installation about education, experience, social and environmental responsibility.

As you walk in the room you are greeted by foreign objects and old newspapers. And then the bed which symbolizes death. At the back there is a picture about a Jewish camp which also symbolizes death, darkness and sadness.

On the left there is a door. You walk through it and there is NASA. Here it represents hope and seeing things in a new light.

On the other side there is cake and the candle smells. You are reminded of a Jewish church by the smells and the pictures on the floor.

About 100 people came to the opening and there was free drinks and food and a chance to mingle.