Fritz gelato in South Melbourne by Katherine

by newintstudents

Fritz gelato has been around for a long time. I have been to the one in south Melbourne a few times but have not written up anything about the place.

They are known for their award wining gelato. Numerous reviews have been written about them.

I got the chance when I purchased a Groupon for $5 entitling me to spend $10. And $10 I did.

Like the other place in Prahran they have many flavours to choose from. And they also don’t have much seating but you can sit in the food court.

I bought a short black and donut deal (normally $4) and two flavours for $5.50. They have a flavour of the month each month and this month it is coffee. I had that and the very vanilla flavour.

The Indian guy that served me was lovely.

The donut when it came was a tad bit small. seeing some of the other Groupon complaints online for other restaurants I thought that I was the only one that had smaller servings.

But apparently not. The couple that sat next to me also had a small donut.

I could taste the fruitiness in the coffee. It also tasted a tad bit strong. The beans are from Di Bella.

I really did like the ice cream.  The coffee flavour was really strong and this was the best vanilla ice I have ever had.

Students I recommend if you do have time and this Groupon deal comes again do purchase it and do give them a try.

I shall be back again in the summer.

P.S only purchase deals from reputable businesses. Make sure you read the reviews first before purchasing.

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