Oli and Levi

by newintstudents

Oli and Levi is a tiny little hole in the wall cafe. But a cute one.

I never knew this place existed until Sweet and Sour Fork wrote up about it.

Here this place specializes in sandwiches and $2 pastries. But they also do coffees.

The place when I came was really busy with all the office workers grabbing their coffee fix. It also seemed to be the only coffee place in Comandel lane outside Citardines and the finance places.

Since this is such a small, comfortable space; there is no bathrooms here. the kitchen is open, meaning that you can see what they are doing.

There is limited outside and inside seating and the waitress told me that they don’t do baguettes until 12pm. I was hoping for a baguette…sadly after seeing the pictures of them. They are $9.90.

Instead I got the $8 salmon and egg wrap and $2 apple and rhubarb pastry. Oh and also a long black ($3.50).

The long black was smokey and nutty in taste. At least it wasn’t the super duper size that I sometimes get as I wasn’t in the mood for this.

I loved my burrito, but except it was hard to eat with cutlery. So I used my hands. I loved the rocket salad…yummy

And I also loved the pastry. It wasn’t too sweet but it was nice and warm. The rhubarb balances the sweetness of the apple nicely.

I’d love to recommend this to students and I’d surely return someday to try out their baguettes.

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