Tarng by Katherine

by newintstudents

Last night I went to Tarng for dinner. It is across the road from the RMIT SAB building where a demo was being held. Intermission was about 30 mins long and there was a huge line for food. The room where my seminar was held and the food was served was very crowded.

Hence I went across the road to Tarng. The place was really small and very cramped and crowded. It was here that I had to wait for about five to ten minutes for a table.

There are no bathrooms here. Bathrooms are across the road at SAB.

It was a busy Friday night with a lot of Asian students which was a good sign.

They do take away but not for the hot stone bibimbab

The wait staff’s English was so bad. She could hardly understand what I was saying. The service on the other hand was fast

I had the Vegetarian bibimbab ($14.20 but it was a decent size). Like one reviewer said the rice was really dry but the rest was good. I really loved the tofu and the veg. I just wished that there was more of this and a miso soup to go with it.

When I added the garlic sauce to it, it was nice and garlicky. Luckily the next day is a Saturday and I don’t have to work. I didn’t mind that I had garlic breath or that I smelt of BBQ afterwards.

I think she forgot the complimentary condiments so I had to ask her for those.

They also forgot my tea, but at least I wasn’t charged for this.

One day I’ll have to take Sally here when it is not so busy and for lunch as dinner can be quite pricey. Lunch is about $10 with the pancake being $9.
Go here if you love the food, but don’t mind the lacklustre service.

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