International students deserve better pay

by newintstudents

Especially cleaners, when a cleaning company goes bankrupt. Swan services is a cleaning company and they have gone bankrupt. Thousands of International students are owed wages.

All the local students get paid their entitlements but Internationals do not. They pay taxes just like everyone else.

One student I know worked for Swan Cleaning services. She said that she gets paid around $15 an hour of back breaking work. When the company went bankrupt she lost her job and everything. Her parents left her no money so she had to work without breaks. By breaks I mean holiday and study breaks. This affected her results severely. She was worried about her finances and whether or not she can meet the tuition and living costs. She had to get a loan from the bank back home.

The Peru couple as mentioned in the Age had a similar problem where they were not paid for one and a half weeks before the closure of this cleaning company. They struggled to afford the rent and other things.

There is a petition going about this asking for our Federal government to make the laws fairer so that Internationals can also claim their entitlements just like the locals. Not paying the International students their entitlements after the company goes bankrupt is unfair and unaustralian to everyone.

Sign the petition here.