QS World rankings this year

by newintstudents

So what does that mean for Australian Universities now with the funding cuts? It is explained here.

Universities rely a lot on International students and their fees. Some of them charge really high and others charge really low. Higher rankings on the QS scale may boost income and student enrollments for these unis.

International students are more likely to enrol in the higher ranked universities
These rankings are constantly updated.

The QS world rankings
Each year QS ranks the 400 top universities in the world.
Three of Australia’s universities have made it to the top 50. These are Melbourne Uni, Monash and the University of New South Wales. RMIT didn’t make it to the top 100. It is somewhere between 200-300

Things that are considered in the rankings are the quality of the teaching and the facilities as well as satisfaction of the students and staff members of the uni. You can check it out here.