Special consideration

by newintstudents


Image courtesy of facebook.com

Special consideration isn’t just about sickness; it can be other things like finances when you have to work over your studies just to get by or it can be that a loved one passed away. Or a mental breakdown after a breakup. Here Katherine explains all too common situation that students find themselves in just before the exam

Some students might find it a little bit too sensitive to talk about personal things. In my past years volunteering at the Union, I have had Asian students who didn’t know that they can apply for Special Consideration until it is too late. They also don’t know where the counseling service is

Many also miss the University’s deadline of two days after the exam due to their lack of understanding about the process and procedures. The Student Union is trying to negotiate more days after the exam to hand in Special Consideration. We also want there to be at least a week after exams to hand in the Special consideration as sometimes students find it very difficult to get their documents in within the two working day period.

The other thing too is that many applications get denied because the University’s process is hard to understand for many International and Local students. We have often had students in tears after their application got rejected, not understanding why.

Things to remember about applying for special consideration:
* Get advice for applying for special consideration from the Student Services and/or Student Union. They can assist students with the process. many students have gone to them for advice on applying
* Don’t wait until its too late- seek help early. No problem is too big or too small.