Studying Online for free

by newintstudents

As a part of our study and exam series

Online courses are becoming more and more popular. There are free ones and not so free ones.

MOOC is the mass online and open Communication. Anyone can do these courses and it is free.

Each week there are quizzes and there is an exam at the end.

Melbourne University also has free courses and they started in March this year. Their system is Coursera which is a free online system. Like MOCC they have exams and assessment.

Coursera was developed in the US and already it has around 70 different universities and millions of students worldwide. It has a Facebook page where students can interact.

At the end there is only a certificate of participation, not a whole degree.

But it is no substitute for face to face. Some students would prefer this over online courses. Some would prefer online courses due to its convenience. Free online courses is only an advertisement for students to come and study there. Universities need revenue from students hence students should really come to enrol at the University itself.

But Open to study is a new site offering free proper online courses for everyone. It offers 14 subjects from some of Australia’s best universities. It is the little sister of Open Universities site. Here you just need an account and enrol. You can attend classes at any time.

But it is no substitution for a proper degree. These are just some of the online courses that you could do whilst at uni. You need some Face to face classes.